By The Duluth Superior Film Festival (other events)

Saturday, June 1 2013 8:30 PM 10:30 PM

A relationship is composed of moments.  Some are filled with conversation; others are quiet and uncertain.  A wife so angry that she can’t speak and a husband overwhelmed with frustration venture into the forest.  Pitching a tent amid the trees, with none of the city’s distractions to hide behind, a couple works through unspoken injury to once again connect.

waltz submerges us in nature: a light rain on a calm lake, sunlight filtering through swaying leaves, a frog in a puddle.  Filmed in Wisconsin by Zinema Manager Johnathon Olsen, waltz shows us the remarkable difference between the woods and the town, and between a couple in turmoil and in tranquility.

Director: Johnathon Olsen
82 minutes

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21 N. Lake Ave Duluth, MN 55802